www.Patientnotebook.com – Pay Your Medical Bills Online

www.Patientnotebook.com – A patient notebook allows the person to keep their health reports and bills organized.

www.Patientnotebook.com - Pay Your Medical Bills Online


It stores and manages their health report, medical history, prescriptions they are following, visits they make to the doctor, bills, etc. chronologically.

It makes sure that their customers are able to access their health reports and other relevant information whenever and wherever they need.

The patient notebook has made it easy for the customers to not only manage their health-related information securely but also to pay, review and organize their healthcare bills online.


Through the online process, one can easily take the survey. To carry out the survey easily, follow the given step:

  • Go to patientnotebook.com, the official website of the patient notebook.
  • To create an account in the Page Notebook, an invitation code is required.
  • You can get your invitation code from your doctor. And if they are not on Page notebook, ask them to join, so that he will be able to generate you an invitation code that you can use for signing up for the survey.
  • Fill in the invitation code and valid email ID in the respective boxes and click on “CREATE ACCOUNT”.
  • If your doctor is already a member of the Patient notebook, then you can also sign up by providing details of the recent statement of your doctor viz. Email address, Account number, and statement ID number.
  • After providing the above statement details click on “CONTINUE”. And you will be easily signed up.


There are certain terms and conditions of the company that should be known to the user of the app.

  • When signing up for the Patient Notebook, the user came into an agreement with the company which binds them to certain rules.
  • Patient Notebook does not provide any separate medical advice to its user.
  • Patient Notebook does not charge any fee to the user for viewing, managing, or paying their most recent healthcare statements and balances.
  • Communication made from the official website and other related websites is not encrypted. Thus, they possibly can be accessed without your authorization.
  • The content and service should not be used for illegal purposes. The user should not solely rely on the content or service served by the app. If they do, it’s their responsibility.
  • Patient Notebook trademarks should not be used displayed anywhere without their permission.
  • If any of the terms of service of the app is violated, the user is automatically terminated to use the service. His/her account is deleted and also the information it contains.
  • The patient notebook keeps updating its terms of services. It encourages their use to keep reviewing these terms as they also mention the last date of modification.
  • The company is indemnified against any claims or loss incurred by or asserted to the user for (a) using the content and services of the app, (b) non-compliance with any terms and conditions by the user, and (c) issue arising by the third party from your receipt or participation in the app.
  • The use of the app does not include any warranties for the user.
  • Liabilities are limited only to an extent.
  • Some of the contents of the app are licensed by a third party, which include additional terms.
  • The terms create a lawful agreement between the user and the Patient Notebook.

To read terms in detail, click here


In order to take part in the patient notebook survey, there are certain requirements that need to be met.

  • The person participating in the survey must be of 18 years or more.
  • The person must have an invitation code or the statement of their recent visit if their doctor is already a user of the Patient Notebook.
  • Only citizens of the 50 United States, including citizens of Columbia and Puerto Rico district, are allowed to take this survey.
  • A smartphone or a computer or a laptop or a tablet is required to access the company’s official website.
  • The person taking the survey should have basic knowledge of English to carry out the survey successfully.

www.Patientnotebook.com Benefit

The main benefit for the patient using the Patient Notebook is that their healthcare reports, related documents are kept organized. They can access whichever dated report they want without any difficulty.

Patient Notebook also records details regarding medical bills. You can easily pay the bills online, review them whenever you want. It allows you to easily contact and consult doctors online.

The patient notebook makes sure that your data and chats are kept private. It only accesses the data if it is necessary for the customer’s security.


Patient Notebook is a medical app that lets its users store and maintain their healthcare reports online and also allows them to make payments online and keep a record of the same.

The patient can easily communicate with their doctor 24×7 on the app without any difficulty.


The app is used to manage and record significant medical-related documents of the patients electronically. It allows the patient to check or view his documents whenever he wants.

It lets their user make the necessary payments of medical expenses and let them review the same.

Patients can communicate to their doctor whenever they need to consult. And make sure that their chat and data remain private.

www.Patientnotebook.com FAQs

There are certain questions that are frequently asked to know and understand the working of the app better. Here are some of the questions.

  • How can I sign up?
  • How to get an invitation code?
  • What are the charges?
  • Why does the invitation code is needed?
  • Can I view my account information including my previous visit and old reports and documents?
  • Is there any browser that doesn’t work with Patient Notebook?
  • Why does the system not accept my debit/credit card?
  • Can the payment be made without the statement ID or Account number?
  • What do I do if my doctor is not a user of the Patient Notebook?

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Western Union Netspend Login

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Western Union NetSpend card is quite easy and an uncomplicated process. You can do it using any of the below three procedures. All of the three procedures involve only some of the easy steps. All the procedure steps are mentioned down to you in the best available format. Make sure you have an electronic device along with a good data speed internet connection.

Activate Western Union NetSpend Card with App Online:

By Western Union Netspend Application:

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By Western Union Netspend Official Website:

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Western Union Netspend is a debit card that can work as a solution to all of your needs. Your western union NetSpend card can help you in providing various rewards and cashback. The activation procedure of the western union NetSpend card is a hustle-free process.